Mission Statement

NZGN is not a Community, it is not a Clan, It is not a Team, NZGN is a Network. The purpose of NZGN is to bring together players of online & LAN PC based games in NZ under one location to benefit and share the experience of gaming. NZGN is an insight into gaming, a gaming experience in its own right, a place to share, support empower gamers, a place to discuss, comment and share their experience of Gaming in New Zealand.

We are New Zealand based and open to all New Zealand players.


NZGN was founded by a number of NZ gamers from around the country who played together night-after-night on Day of Defeat Source within the DODNZ community. We had LANs, online tournaments, competition teams, etc.. until the game gradually lost it's playing community and we began looking at other games and where to hang out. We quickly founded a 512 slot teamspeak server and some forums and got back to gaming and since then our community has grown. Our teamspeak server is open to all and has 512 slots so there is plenty of space for all NZ gamers to get amongst.

NZGN also fields teams at LANs both socially and in LAN tournaments. We can usually be found at Ping Zero and AuckLAN in Auckland and Got-LAN in Christchurch and any other large LANs that arise. Al are welcome to join us.

The "NZGN FPS Marathon" has been a fixture at AuckLAN since AuckLAN #1 in 2011 and is always a hit with FPS gamers. It encompasses the most popular FPS games played in an all-on-all fashion spread over 4 games. The player with the best overall performance takes the prize(s).